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  • We will assess your film idea and give you a verdict on whether the basic story merits the amount of time required for writing an entire script.
  • Perfectly suited for writers and producers at an early stage of pre production. 
  • After you have made payment, please send a 25 word longline and a 1 page synopsis of your film idea (in PDF format) to with your full name in the subject box. 
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“Should I spend 6…12…18 months of my life developing this project?” is a question which haunts many screenwriters, who invariably have more ideas for films & TV shows than they do man-hours to develop them. “The premise is inherently flawed” is an equally familiar malaise from the other side of the fence, in the offices of development executives and agents, who are often baffled by writers’ project choices.

Writers submit a 25-word logline and a 1-page synopsis (including all pertinent story beats). You receive a concise (up to 100 words) verdict assessing whether the basic story merits the vast amount of energy and time creating a script requires.