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  • Delivers 4+ pages of meticulous  screenplay notes. 
  • Perfect for writers, producers and directors at all stages of development. 
  • After you have made payment, please send your script (in PDF format) to with your full name in the subject box. 
  • Your Feature Film Script Review will be delivered directly to your inbox within 21 days.

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Our Feature Film Script Review is a detailed report on short film screenplays, which delivers 3+ pages of notes and feedback to help clients move onto the next draft. 

The service is most suited to projects either in the early stages of development (at first or second draft stage) or right at the very end of the development process, when notes to help “tweak” the script are required, rather than proposing truly substantial changes. The report does not include a synopsis, and is instead composed of “pure notes” as our script consultant focusses exclusively on what you can do to improve your project and move forward to a point where it’s ready.

The harsh reality is that script coverage is forever: once you’ve submitted your script to an agent or producer a record of what they thought of your script will either be lodged in their hard drive (via coverage their assistant delivers, or their own notes), their brain(!) or both. 

The biggest single mistake made by new and promising screenwriters is to submit scripts prematurely, assuming they’ll receive a second chance. In most cases, unless the script makes a very favourable impression, they won’t. Calls will remain unanswered, emails will be ignored and deleted, and no progress will be made. That’s where script coverage by professional script consultant comes in: we a) advise whether your script is good enough to be submitted for real, and b) offer, insight, analysis and advice on how to improve it.

Be sensible. Don’t rush script development. After all, good things come to those who wait…(and make the right first impression!)